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About Us

Ballet Needles and Synoptic Products, working together since 1980s

Ballet needles were born in the late 1980's from a struggling little business that was making disposable acupuncture needles. Arand and its manufacturer had good technology for cutting and polishing metal to the highest level of quality; however the acupuncture market was filled with aggressive companies. But on a sales call in the United States, Joseph Asch and James Paisner were asked if Arand could make electrolysis needles. A new world opened up.
Joe and Jim did a great deal of research into the electrolysis market. At that time only one company was selling disposable needles, and most electrologists re-used their needles after rudimentary efforts at sterilization. Glass bead sterilizers were very popular.
With the help of electrologist in the UK and the United States, Ballet produced six generations of prototype needles – Joe and Jim constantly tweaked the shape of the needles, their flexibility, and most importantly, the shape and polish of the needle’s tip – until they had something that electrologists really loved. Electrologist said at the time (the late 1980s) that the Ballet stainless steel needle was the best probe that they had ever used.
Ballet and Synoptic Products then set about introducing the needle all over the world. The UK and the United States were the companies' first markets, and the once people learned about Ballet, distributors from all over the world began to contact the two companies about selling the needles in their countries. Today Ballet is sold in over thirty countries around the world. It is by far the largest selling needle and Synoptic Products is the importer in the US and Canada for Ballet Needles.
Of course, as Ballet and Synoptic Products introduced Ballet to new customers, Joe and Jim listened to them, and many shared that a needles that responded to people with sensitive skin was really required. It took over a year of research to come up with Ballet's 24ct-gold-plated needle. "Not only did this needle help people deal with nickel allergies and other sensitivities, but electrologists told us they had never enjoyed such smooth insertions." -Joe Asch circa 2017
Then Ballet and Synoptic Products heard the message that a needles that could reduce the discomfort of electrolysis was needed by many clients, as well. Ballet had to build new equipment and develop a special insulated coating in order to produce the right needle. After two years of effort Ballet, with input from Jim at Synoptic Products, presented the insulated needle to electrologists. Like the gold needles, Ballet was able to make sure that it was also sterile and disposable.
Ballet and Synoptic Products could not be more proud of Ballet's line of needles. Ballet gives electrologists using any machine and any modality that ability to do excellent hair removal is a safe manner.
"We get a great deal of pleasure hearing from people all over the world how much they like Ballet, and how it helps them do great work with their clients." -Joe Asch 2017
In September of 2017 we welcomed Sara Paisner to Synoptic Products. Sara is Jim's daughter and took over at Synoptic Products upon Jim retirement. She has enjoyed providing the same high level of service to our customers that you have enjoyed with Jim. Note that Jim originally founded Synoptic Products in 1988 in Brookline, MA. The entire team at Synoptic Products and Ballet wish him well in his retirement. 
In 2018, after Joe's passing, Elizabeth Asch took over the reigns of Ballet, and has introduced many technological upgrades to processes to continue to provide clients with the best electrolysis needles for their customers. 
Synoptic Products and Ballet continue to support electrologist in many ways. Synoptic Products has developed extensive educational materials for electrologists and continues to work closely with leading electrologists and educators to help grow the field. Sara firmly believes that education is the future of the rapidly growing industry and has developed articles, videos and graphics to help grow new and experienced electrologists in their field. 
Synoptic Products is a proud co-sponsor, with Ballet, of the Ballet Gold Probe Award which recognizes leading electrologists in the field. Synoptic Products also sponsors gifts and care packages for new electrologists as well as offering free samples for anyone interested in learning about using Ballet Needles. Sara firmly believes in education and has travelled extensively to present at seminars and conferences on various topics. 
At Synoptic Products, we are more than just your source for Ballet needles in the United States and Canada, we are also your partner in growing both your business and the field of electrolysis. 

Call us to learn more about what we can do for you or find your distributor below in order to find your favorite Ballet needles and other related products. 

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