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About Ballet Needles

The shape and diameter (size) of electrolysis needles have a dramatic effect on the efficacy of the needle in removing hairs. An electrolysis needle is composed of three main parts, the needle shank, the needle shaft, and the needle tip. The needle shank generally comes in 3 sizes, the F- and K-Shanks and Tapered, designed specifically for electrolysis machines. [Note: Ballet also carries the H-Shank needle, described in a separate post, that was specifically designed for use with electrosurgery machines with a 3/32 inch diameter shank.]

Electrolysis needle parts defined

The main parts of an electrolysis needle, as well as electrosurgical solid needles (see H4 article), are the needle shank, the needle shaft and the needle tip. The shank refers to the portion of the needle that goes into the needle holder or handpiece. The shank sizes are standardized globally for electrolysis amongst three primary sizes, the F-Shank, the K-Shank, and the Tapered Shank. The F-Shank has a diameter of 1.25mm (0.05in), the K-Shank has a diameter of 0.80mm (0.03in), and the tapered needles have a diameter of 0.65mm (0.026in). The needle shaft is the thinner portion of the needle that enters the follicle or skin, depending on the application. Ballet electrolysis needles have a smoothly tapered shape with a diameter that matches the size designation: The size 2 needle is 0.002 inches diameter at the shaft and similarly the size 3 needles is 0.003 inches at the shaft.

Definition of needle shank and shaft
Electrolysis needle (Ballet needle)

Ballet needle tips engineered for ease of use

Ballet Electrolysis Needle Tip Profile from 500x
Ballet Needle Tip Shape

The needle tip is the tapered end of the needle shaft that enters the hair follicle or pierces the skin, depending on the application. The taper on Ballet needles was designed with direct input from electrologists to meet the need for optimal feedback and easy insertions. The needle tip is manufactured using advanced engineered design and cutting edge machining technology to provide needles with the exact same needle tip and insertion experience, every time.

Electrolysis and needle sizes

Electrolysis needles are most effective when the needle shaft matches the size of the hair follicle. The goal is to create a heating or lye pattern that is large enough to entirely destroy the cells that cause regrowth of the follicle. Using too small a needle can cause as many problems as using too large a needle.

For small hairs, such as the upper lip, using a thinner, smaller needle, such as the Ballet F2 or F2-Short needle, is most effective. For larger hairs such as beard or leg hairs, a larger wider needle, such as the Ballet F5 or F6, works best. With the same amount of current, a thin/narrow needle will get hotter than a thicker/wider needle.

By choosing the needle size that matches the hair follicle, electrologists are best able to optimize the electrolysis process.

The goal is to always match the needle size to the hair follicle size.

Select your Ballet Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needles to match the work being done. We have a range of sizes for all applications.

Ballet's one-piece construction gives you the control that you need. Your clients will appreciate the difference during and after treatments. Compare Ballet directly with other needles and ask your clients for their opinion. You’ll like what you hear!

Types of Ballet Needles

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