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What's the Difference in the Needles? Stainless vs. Insulated

Hi everyone, my name is Sara Paisner. I am the owner of Synoptic Products, your home for Ballet Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needles. We often get asked what the difference is between the insulated Ballet needles and the regular stainless needle. So rather than just describe it, I thought I'd show you. This is a large scale model of the stainless steel needle. These ridges these are actually on your actual needles, these help them stay in the needle holder. As a reminder, this portion is called the shank, this portion is called the shaft, and this little thing where it tapers down is literally referred to as the taper. The tip for every Ballet needle is the same perfectly tapered to optimize insertions.

When Ballet insulates the stainless steel needle they take the manufactured stainless needle and dip it into the proprietary polymer solution; cure it, so it becomes a hard plastic; and then they remove insulation from the very tip. What that looks like at the end is a little bit like this. Here we have the same shank still an f3 example but now if you look the tapered portion and the shaft is coated in a example of a polymer you can see that the very tip has been cleared off so there's no polymer on the tip. If you remember from my seminars, the polymer material is there to both protect your client's skin from heat produced in the metal, as well as to maximize the amount of electrons that actually make it to the tip of your needle. A very smooth coating is important no cracks or breaks. Then having an exposed tip is important to make sure that electrolysis still works so you can't see the coating on our Ballet needles. It's optically clear but if you look under a microscope you should be able to see where it is. The advantage of the proprietary polymer coating that Ballet uses is that it's incredibly tough it's the same material that's used in hockey rinks on the glass. It's not really glass but the material that you watch hockey through is that same material. It's incredibly tough and touching it with your tweezers, touching it with your hands, that polymer will not flake off no matter what. With that toughness you know that you're going to be safe with your client.

Hopefully that answered your questions about the difference in terms of how a stainless needle looks compared to an insulated needle. If you have any other questions about Ballet needles please feel free to reach out to us. You can always check us out online on our website: or on our social media @synoptic products or you can always just give us an old-fashioned phone call 919-908-0278

We look forward to hearing from you all and thanks for watching!

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