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What is the Proper Way to Remove a Ballet Needle From it's Packaging?

How to open a pack of Ballet needles

Hi everyone, my name is Sara Paisner and today I want to talk to you about how to open ballet needles from their packaging. So as a reminder needles come in a case of a thousand needles, each package has 50, and there are 20 packages in a case. Then each packet looks a little bit like this. I'm sure you're familiar with this package already but what I really want to show you is how to open each of the sheets of needles so that you can open it without ever touching the needle.

Like I said, I want to show you how to open one of our sheets of needles. Many of you will receive your needles in a box like this. This is our package of 50 needles. Inside of a package of 50 needles, there are five sheets of 10 needles. If you open the flap in the back you can pull out a sheet just like this. Next, put that down so it's not the way. Then, if you look closely at the back you will see that there is this white paper. This white paper actually will fold down so you can do it with your hands or with a set of tweezers right you get this and it folds down like that. Notice that if you pull it down halfway now the shank is visible right there and with your tweezers, you can put your hand or your tweezers in there, you can pull out the needle. Now you've pulled it out without ever touching the tip. You can put this directly into your needle holder and when you're done, of course put it into the sharps waste.

Our needles and the sheets that they come in are very carefully set up so that you can take out a needle with tweezers without ever touching them with your hand. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can find us on our website or on our social media at synoptic products or you're always welcome to give us a phone call 919-908-0278.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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