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The Role of Sodium Hydroxide in Electrolysis

Sodium Hydroxide

Hi, my name is Sara Paisner and today I want to talk to you about sodium hydroxide. Yep, sodium hydroxide, another word for sodium hydroxide is lye, it's also sometimes referred to as caustic soda. Sodium hydroxide lye or caustic soda work as an incredibly strong base that is created when you do galvanic electrolysis. Galvanic electrolysis is a direct current. The electrons, when they hit the water, they react with the water and salt that's in your cells and create sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide, like I said, is a strong base. It reacts with organic materials such as the proteins in your cells, it can even create chemical burns.

You may know I have a PhD in chemistry. Back in my research and development days I actually got a chemical burn because one of my gloves had a hole. That's how strong sodium hydroxide can be. Sodium hydroxide when it's created in your cells actually breaks down the proteins so that you eventually degrade the cells and you kill the hair follicle. How does this work? Well, you have salt water in your cells, as we all know, we ask our clients to be highly hydrated. The water with the salt that's dissolved in your cells, the two combined with the electrical current you will create sodium hydroxide. A little bit of hydrogen gas and a little tiny bit of chlorine gas, those gasses are such a small amount they really don't really affect you within 30 seconds to three minutes. This lye decomposes the proteins and completely kills the follicle. It's pretty straightforward because it's a pretty toxic and effective face.

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