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The Mad Zapper, Chablis Lakes, Synoptic Products’ Electrologist of the Month

The Mad Zapper, Chablis Lakes, Synoptic Products’ Electrologist of the Month

At Synoptic Products, we love to get to know the electrologists who bring their energy and passion to this industry!  And in recognition of Black-Owned Business Month, we are delighted to introduce readers to a new electrologist-entrepreneur who demonstrates how a little faith and a lot of determination can make a new business grow and flourish.

Ms. Chablis Lakes, LE, of Westminster, MD- aka, The Mad Zapper, is the owner-operator of The Mad Zapper Hair Removal in Westminster, MD. In her letter below, she shares her story of starting her business out of the ashes of the Covid pandemic and utilizing her energy and passion to stoke a new fire of success and personal balance.

Congratulations on your business, Ms. Chablis Lakes- your style and enthusiasm remind us why we love electrologists and this industry! (And don’t forget to check out the pictures of her clinic space- if I was going to visit, I’d make sure to show up early to get a cool glass of something and use that massage chair before my appointment!) - KB and SP

 Hello Fellow Hair Removal Superheroes!

My name is Chablis Lakes- my pronoun is She-Roe, but you can call me "The Mad Zapper"! I consider myself a Hair Removal Superhero because every day I rescue Self Esteem by effectively removing unwanted hair.

"How The Mad Zapper Was Awakened"

While working in healthcare as a Polysomnographer, or Sleep Technician, I trained to becoming an Electrologist.  (Thank You Elizabeth Spagnola for encouraging me!)

But after passing my examination to be a Licensed Electrologist, guess what? You guessed it! COVID! Here I had completed my hours, passed my exam, purchased minimal equipment but I had nowhere to go. Luckily, getting a little stir crazy during those first few weeks has served me well. The "cabin fever" that had taken its toll on me lit a small flame inside me to start my Electrology Practice in the middle of Covid from my home. I was told by family, friends, and colleagues that I must be MAD to start a business when no one was supposed to be out and about- especially in your home!  

Well, they were right- I had gone MAD. I took my final paycheck plus both of my stimulus checks and purchased every item I needed to create a hygienic, professional space for my imaginary clients. By 7:00 a.m. on a single day, Amazon and eBay had been given every penny of my savings. That same day, I got on the phone to tell everyone that would listen about the wonderful benefits of electrolysis -  and that I was open for business! I went crazy speaking with strangers anywhere and everywhere that I was allowed to go.

The Mad Zapper Hair Removal Logo

No one was safe from my clutches as I turned every conversation into talk about permanent hair removal. Even during consultations, I made electrolysis my ministry, encouraging anyone and everyone to come to the "electrolysis altar" so that they could end any suffering, depression, or anxiety they were experiencing because of unwanted hair. I promised them a "hair-raising" experience! Well, people started coming, and before long, my living room turned into a waiting room.

Clinic for electrologist with bed, massage chair, explanatory posters about electrolysis

Sometimes YOU choose a profession and sometimes it chooses YOU!  I know this profession chose me because being an electrologist has been the most rewarding, gratifying, and self-fulling career experience I could ever imagine. When you're MAD about business, it can feel like you have a fresh new love interest coming around and you can't stop thinking about it- constantly making plans in your head and imagining the dreams that you know are gonna come true. I'm feel crazy about my practice like that. 

I love, love, love being an American Electrology Association (AEA) member. The professional business aides and resources available helped me to build my home office to reflect my mission and show my clients that "I belong" in this industry. And what I cherish the most is the sisterhood that this organization brings together. Fellow members have been so helpful every step of the way; it's nice to know if you're struggling in any area, assistance is just a phone call away because other AEA members are happy to help. (Thank You Stacy Elder and Sandy Wilson!) 

Recently, I attended two different workshops on probes by Dr. Sara Paisner (President, Synoptic Products). She shed light on some of the finer details about how Ballet probes are meant to be used and what makes them effective. At the time, I was really struggling with upper lip insertions. The information I learned from those lectures turned out to be a major game changer in my "upper lip game". Suddenly, it clicked! And I have been producing more effective results with minimal skin reactions ever since. Now that I understand more of the science surrounding depth, angle or insertion, and intensity, the hairs release so well. It's so exciting watching those "hair diamonds" expelled- it's slightly addicting! Often, I keep zapping even after the timer has ended because it's going so well and my clients appreciate the thoroughness. I look forward to learning more in the future about the dynamics of these fine Ballet probes/needles. 

When I think about my business and imagine what is next, I know that I will define my success as the marriage between the schedule I want with the schedule that I need to serve my clients and meet my financial goals.

Thank you for letting me share with you all how I became a Hair Removal Superhero. Because WE really do rescue Self Esteem every day through the skills and care we bring to serving our customers.

If you would like to be highlighted by Synoptic Products as an Electrologist of the Month, please get in touch! We love to recognize successful electrologists throughout North America. Send your request to info @

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Kimberly Johnson

This was so inspiring to me as a new up and coming Electrolysis professional with the goal of opening my own business as well. I’ve been in school for a month and I get more and more excited every time I read something like this, so thank you for posting this. I look forward to meeting you one day here in Virginia.

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If you would like to be highlighted by Synoptic Products as an Electrologist of the Month, please get in touch! We love to recognize successful electrologists throughout North America.

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