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Multiple Needle Galvanic & Ballet Disposable Needles - Ballet News Circa 1990s

Suzanne anderer black and white photo head and shoulders
Another throw back Ballet News, enjoy! --Sara

Suzanne Anderer has been a practicing electrologist for many years and has taught for most of them. She has also been actively involved in state and national electrolysis organizations, and assisted in IBEC national certification test development.

Q: Suzanne, why are you doing more multiple needle treatments?

A: I've found that many of my customers prefer the mild current of multiple needle treatments - they even request it. They notice discomfort only at the beginning of a treatment, and then the sensation drops off. Of course, you must find the proper uniform insertion depth for hair in the treatment area, and the place needles properly every time.

Q: Improved galvanic machines have helped, haven't they?

A: With the latest machines, each filament is independently controlled, so there are no power surges. With multiple needle we work in a slower framework, not what most electrologists are used to. My clients feel that it is cost effective, and are very satisfied how non-traumatizing this technique is to the epidermal tissue.

Q: How have needles evolved?

A: Well, first of all, we should remember that Dr. Michel used galvanic current with one-piece needles.

Eventually cheaper two-piece needles were invented, and electrologists began to use these very flexible probes.

However, the needles flopped over onto the skin surface, so they needed special insulation on the shank.

With modern equipment and technique, non-insulated stainless steel one-piece probes are perfectly appropriate.

Remember, this is a slow, gentle treatment, so there is no immediate problem even if the shank of a needle briefly touches the skin surface. There is plenty of time to make adjustments.

Q: How does the skin react?

A: There is slight reddening, but not excessive, and it dissipates rapidly. The day after the treatment there is usually no indication that we performed electrolysis at all. If I do a two hour treatment working on both legs, by the end of the treatment the redness is almost gone from the first leg! There is less scabbing than with other modalities.

Q: What about the cost of disposable needles for multiple needle treatments?

A: My galvanic appointments are a minimum of one hour, and often go to two hours. I charge per hour and collect a surcharge for the extra probes I use. My clients see no problem picking up the extra cost given how much faster the treatment progresses.

This week I have six one hour treatments scheduled with just multiple needle; after they have tried galvanic, they don't want the other techniques!

Q: What has your experience been with the effectiveness of this modality?

A: The hair really does not come back. I don't make claims of "no regrowth", but I have observed a much higher kill ratio for deep terminal hair. People are so pleased with the results.

Q: Tell us about your idea of "electrolysis for the future"

A: Multiple needle belongs in every electrologists office. My clientele has expanded as I have increased my treatment options to include all modalities.

Unfortunately, many electrologist seem to choose one technique exclusively, rather than using all the modalities. We should employ what is suitable for our client's body area, based on the case history. Of course, training is key.

I teach my trainees multiple needle, short wave and blend, but we begin with galvanic. After all, the original recognition that Dr. Michel received was for galvanic electrolysis. He proved to the medical establishment of his time that this simple technique really worked!

Thank you Suzanne.

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