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Ms. Marta Irene, Synoptic Products' Electrologist of the Month

Like so many electrologists, Ms. Marta Irene found her profession after experiencing a series of life changes including receiving electrolysis hair removal herself. Her enthusiasm for her work, her clients, and the industry are clear when she tells her story.  Thanks, Marta, for telling us about your work and your vision for moving this remarkable profession forward!


I LOVE Electrolysis! There is nothing like it and I wish more people knew about it and its transformative life effects. It is an amazing Medical/Beauty/Self-care package all wrapped up with a beautiful bow which we provide to mostly women who are in need of transforming their bodies and their faces.  We are Life Transformers. We are Confidence Boosters. We are Caring, Professional, and Kind-hearted.  

One of my former clients is a great reminder of what makes our profession so remarkable. Shortly after I started my Electrolysis business, a woman walked into my office with her husband. She was referred to me by an Electrologist who did not speak Spanish, and around the same time, her husband found my ad in the local Spanish-language newspaper. He had cut out the ad and given it to her saying, “We found the person who will solve your facial hair problem, honey.” Her story was gut-wrenching! She cried as she explained her serious hair situation and her years of suffering. She also cried because I was able to understand every word she said.  

 Her facial hair was stubborn male-pattern hair growth and initially I would spend an entire hour or more working on a small area around her chin. Eventually, she was liberated from her excessive facial hair. She gained the self-confidence and self-worth she had wanted for years, and transferred these feelings to succeed in many other areas of her life. She learned English, obtained profitable employment, and bought her first home. We remained good friends for years, and she shared all of her accomplishments with me, her Electrologist.  How extremely gratifying that was for me!

As for me, I found this profession after a series of changes- I got married later in life which led to relocating and starting a new 9 to 5 job. (It was the biggest change in my life since 20 years prior when I had relocated to Connecticut, unemployed and a mom of a three-year-old!) All of a sudden, I realized that a 9 to 5 schedule and being the wife of a businessman who traveled during his “down” time was not going to work well. Within eighteen months, I started classes at the Electrology Institute of New England in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. 

A few months after the wedding, I found Rosemary Marchese in the town of Branford, CT, not too far from where I worked, and my life was about to change some more. I was considering having either Laser hair removal or Electrolysis. I remember as if it were yesterday-  Rosemary’s professional knowledge, her spotless office, and her self-confidence as she explained the process of electrolysis. It was all I needed to be convinced this was the process I wanted to use to get rid of my facial hair permanently. 

As time passed, I observed her meticulous work, experienced her clean technique, and began to see my hairs disappear. One day, I began to see myself as an Electrologist! Doing and being just like Rosemary! That’s when I began to ask questions and Rosemary very kindly answered them all. She offered me information on the school she graduated from and in about a year’s time I visited the school and enrolled.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I am one of those forever students who continues furthering her education by taking health courses and other business courses to expand my knowledge base. I am an Electrologist, but also became a Functional Nutrition Counselor and Holistic Health Coach. 

Six years ago in 2017, I expanded my business. I renamed it Absolutely Healthy Living Center with the electrology practice Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal Clinic as an entity within the Center.  I love to offer all my services - Electrolysis, on-line nutrition counseling, writing my monthly Healthy Living Blog and sharing the latest research in health and nutrition, and more.

I’ve enjoyed many benefits being an Electrologist- the flexible work schedule, the many areas of industry in which to practice, the affordable cost of training when compared to college and university fees.  I am a proud member of the American Electrology Association (AEA) and am grateful for all this organization provides to electrologists- the network of professional women, growth and development opportunities, on-going education, vendor equipment and product education, plus discounts. I have also benefited from The Presence Team of the AEA; the hard work they do for the AEA and all of us Electrologists is admirable. 

Volunteering and working with the AEA, Pearl Warner, Donna Crump and all the amazing women who make up the Executive Board added to my professional growth and development through the years. From vendors like Synoptic Products and others, I’ve purchased equipment and products at a discount  and won worthwhile prizes from their raffles and give-aways at Conventions. Since the beginning of my practice, I’ve used Ballet needles and purchased all sorts of products from the different vendors.

Looking forward, I would love to see Electrology become a growing profession here in the State of Connecticut, nationally, and around the world. This can only be done if we as Professional Electrologists take to the streets and market our profession.  Promote it as the best technology for permanent hair removal!  Run Campaign ads announcing the many benefits to the thousands of women waiting to find us and our services!

No one person can do this.  It’ll take a united group of women being on the same page. Truly caring and respecting one another. Open-minded and compassionate women who look up to other professional Electrologists and want to elevate them so we can all S U C C E E D.

May that be what the future of Electrology looks like in the years ahead. For us, and for the many women in need of our services. 


You can find me at:;,, and

Marta Irene, Licensed Electrologist - Shelton, Connecticut

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