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Ms. Lisa Rulli, Synoptic Products’ Electrologist of the Month

Ms. Lisa Rulli, Synoptic Products’ Electrologist of the Month


Ms. Lisa Rulli, Owner of Electrolysis by Lisa in Los Angeles and President of the Southern Chapter of the Electrologists’ Association of California (EAC) has some advice for new electrologists: “Education, education, education!”

How did you get involved with the EAC?

Ms. Rulli first joined the Board of the EAC’s Southern Chapter seven years ago because she wanted to give back. “They reached out to me, and I was ready to get involved. I was first Secretary, then Vice President of Membership - a position I still hold, and when the chapter President needed to resign last year, I stepped up.

“In addition to my work with the Southern Chapter, I’m also the State Chair of the EAC. I handle the extra workload from these roles by utilizing my calendar and writing myself a lot of notes to help keep me organized. And when I have questions, the former chapter president always makes herself available.

“It can be a challenge to balance these extra responsibilities with my electrology practice. For someone who’s hesitant to join in, I’d recommend that they choose the position that matches the amount of time they have to give. When I first joined our Board, I asked what was the least time consuming position, and so I started out by being the Secretary.

“For electrologists who have not yet joined their local chapter of the American Electrology Association (AEA), I would highly recommend getting involved. And for those who worry about the commitment of volunteering for their chapter, I can’t say enough about what I’ve gotten out of my experiences. There is so much that I’ve been exposed to and have learned about through my EAC involvement!

“I’m truly passionate about our profession, and through my volunteer work I’ve learned about State of California bills, rules and regulation, legal challenges and governance. Through the Continuing Education (CE) seminars we organize, I am constantly learning - and not just from the presenters. In our seminars and private Facebook groups, we practice what we call ‘shared learning’ where one electrologist will ask a question and then other electrologists will answer it by sharing their knowledge and experience. Both the questions and the answers give me the chance to think through my own practice and see whether there’s a new technique for me to try. We learn from one another.”

What are your thoughts on the future of the electrology industry?

When asked about how she would like to see her profession evolve, Ms. Rulli envisions a future where individual electrologists are well trained, passionate about both their work and their own continuing education, and are required to meet licensure requirements under state governance.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for electrologists to first receive a comprehensive education and then continue to network with other practicing electrologists. If you think about the nature of the electrology profession, you can imagine how easy it would be to get training, open a small business, and work independently without feedback or other incentives to grow your skill set. This atmosphere can make any bad habits or incomplete skill development permanent because that electrologist is working in isolation. I feel very strongly that creating a network that includes continuing education and learning from one another is crucial for our industry. The information we can share with one another ranges from practical skills to cleanliness protocols to how to deal with clients to business strategies and marketing. There is so much we can learn from one another!

“I also hope that in the future we’ll see an increase in the number of states that have some type of governance regulating the granting of licenses. California has recently relaxed their requirements for licensure, and I don’t feel that is a good thing. I’m 100% for regulated states. If an electrologist is working in an unregulated state, I think it’s crucial that they take the initiative to complete a full training course whether that be for 600, 900, or 1200 hours- plus continuing education. It’s so inexpensive to take classes through the AEA chapters, and since so many of them are online, you can participate in classes from all over the country.”

What experiences led to these views?

Ms. Rulli doesn’t simply recommend continuing education, she practices her own advice.

“I’m a member of some of the Facebook private groups, and I’m reading every day what other electrologists ask and answer one another. It’s education for me: I’m learning about how others are doing things.

“As a new electrologist, I had initially wanted to work for an established business in order to have regular contact with a more experienced electrologist. But, none of the electrologists located near me were hiring. Then, after starting my own business, I had to take responsibility for any further training I would receive. It took me a few years of practice before I felt fully confident that I could optimally denature every hair that I treated. My experience of having to actively pursue my own advanced training has reinforced my belief in education, education, education!

“Before becoming an electrologist, I had three careers that I didn’t enjoy - including owning my own business. But now, I never wake up not wanting to go to work. I find this work extremely fulfilling and gratifying. I’m passionate about what I do because I love it!”

Why do you use Ballet needles?

“I primarily use Insulated and Stainless Steel needles. I love the sturdiness and the taper of Ballet needles.

“With some of Ballet’s competitors, after using the needle for a short time, it loses its structure. But with Ballet needles, I can get hours out of a single needle. For a long appointment, this allows me to keep working rather than having to stop and switch needles when I’d rather keep working. Also, I find that Ballet needles slide into the follicle easily due to their taper. ”

Any last words of advice?

“I would really like to emphasize: collaborate, learn, work with other electrologists, take classes. We have an amazing, fulfilling profession - and it gets better when you invest time and energy into developing your own expertise."

If you would like to be highlighted by Synoptic Products as an Electrologist of the Month, please get in touch! We love to recognize successful electrologists throughout North America. Send your request to info @

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If you would like to be highlighted by Synoptic Products as an Electrologist of the Month, please get in touch! We love to recognize successful electrologists throughout North America.

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