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Ms Bridgett Meggs, Synoptic Products' Electrologist of the Month

Meeting Bridgett Meggs, you are immediately struck by her warmth, her quiet energy, and her forthright optimism. She describes herself as being ‘blessed by her work,’ and when talking with her, you can tell that the blessings flow both ways.

Image of Bridgett Meggs in her office

Ms. Bridgett Meggs opened her electrolysis practice in Mansfield, TX (near Ft. Worth), in 2012. Ten years in, Ms. Meggs has amassed an impressive portfolio of achievements. Her clinic, Electrolysis by Bridgett, has been recognized in the Best of Fort Worth by the Star-Telegram as the Best Hair Removal Clinic (2018). She maintains an active membership in the American Electrology Association where she edits their Journal of Electrology and steps up anywhere else they may need a helping hand. Ms. Meggs received the Ballet Gold Probe Award from Synoptic Products and Ballet in 2018 for “making a significant contribution to the field of electrolysis in her early years of professional practice and for showing the potential to have a major impact on the electrolysis profession in the future”. She is an active member of the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists where she has served as Vice President and volunteers as Media Coordinator.

I believe in living a healthy, balanced, more joyful life and operate with excellence, integrity, and kindness in everything I do.

B. Meggs

Finding her career

Like many electrologists, Ms. Meggs found her professional calling after having worked in jobs that she found to be unfulfilling. “The majority of my professional experience prior to opening my electrolysis practice had been office work, everything from customer service to office manager to certified medical transcriptionist. Nothing was ever long-lasting due to personal choices, or in a couple of cases, being laid off. At the time of my last layoff, I was praying for the chance to pursue a career that would have purpose and be fulfilling professionally and personally- the kind of work that would really make a difference in the lives of others.”

At the time, Ms. Meggs was receiving wax treatments from an esthetician who suggested that she learn how to “use this machine I bought”. (The esthetician hadn’t had time to learn to use an epilator she’d purchased some months before.) Ms. Meggs reflected on her own experience of esthetic treatments, did some research, and decided to make a leap of faith.

With support and encouragement of her husband Kenny, Ms. Meggs temporarily relocated to Massachusetts in 2012 to attend The Electrology Institute of New England (EINE) where she graduated from the 600-hour electrology program. She opened her practice in the summer of 2012 in Mansfield, Texas, and passed her CPE exam in 2013.

Growing her business

She says, “After praying to receive the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, I am confident that I have found my calling, and I have found so many blessings in my work. I love my work because I see the change in my clients. People always notice and respond to positive changes in others’ confidence and self-assurance. When women feel good about how they look, that feeling is reflected in their confidence. They take better care of their health and refine their appearance, and they feel great about how they look. I feel so gratified when I can say, ‘Wow, I made a positive difference in someone’s life today!’ It is a shared blessing for both me and the client.

“After finishing my education, the first few steps were clear. There weren’t any electrology businesses in my area, and my esthetician had space available for me to rent. This was a great change for me- when I worked for other people, I remember thinking, ‘It would be better if things were done this way…’ Now I get to be in charge, and if something needs to be changed, I do it! I can make my own schedule, and I enjoy the freedom that brings. Of course, it was difficult during the pandemic because if you’re not able to lay your hands on your clients, you don’t have an income. But I stayed focused on the bigger picture and put my energy toward two new projects: transitioning to a management software program that integrates appointment scheduling, charting and form creation and building a new website.

“The management software has helped me to work more efficiently, and the website ended up being a labor of love. Working with a professional designer, I was encouraged to reflect on how much I have done and how much I have to offer. I didn’t create the website to attract new clients per se, but I wanted to have a professional online presence that would reflect who I am and what clients can expect from electrolysis. I was very involved with creating the content, and the new design helps me tell potential clients both who I am and what electrolysis is all about. When we’re busy treating clients all day, there’s not a lot of time for reflection or self-acknowledgement. So, it is gratifying when new clients tell me now, ‘I did some research and saw your credentials, and that helped me to know how experienced and well qualified you are.’ “

On her website, Ms. Meggs describes her services as “taking a Wholistic approach to self-care by using electrolysis, organic skincare products, and even nutrition to maintain a healthy you… I believe in living a healthy, balanced, more joyful life and operate with excellence, integrity, and kindness in everything I do.” And she encourages her clients to do the same. She notes, “If my clients become truly comfortable in their own skin- truly comfortable in their own body, they project that confidence to the world. That is when electrolysis becomes a life-changing experience.”

On clients

When asked to name a memorable or favorite client experience, Ms. Meggs grins and (as is typical of her generous nature) can’t choose just one experience to describe. “When you ask me that question, I think of one client, then I think of a different client, then another client, and so on- I can’t pick a favorite, it’s like picking a favorite child! Instead, I think about my role as being privileged to share a gift with them. So many of my clients come to me because unwanted facial hair has left them feeling insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of an electrolysis journey that results in their growing confidence in how they show themselves to the world. It has been a gift to me to witness how they undergo a life changing experience with these changes.”

When asked about a challenging client, Ms. Meggs laughs and describes an all-too-common occurrence: the client who believes that they know what should be done because they read about it on the internet! “I’m sure this situation is not unique to me. It is natural that with the ready availability of electrolysis advice on the internet, many clients will have done extensive online research about what their treatment may involve. Some of these enthusiastic researchers will arrive at my clinic with strong ideas about exactly how their treatments should progress, and they may forget that as a trained professional, I have insights that they may not fully understand. Recently, I have served a client who has insisted that I use the modality that she read about online. Even though I know that I can accomplish her treatments in half of the time using a different modality, she insists that I work in the way that she requests. Also, she hasn’t trusted my recommendations about the frequency of the appointments needed. I had been encouraging this client to make appointments less frequently than she believes that she should, and recently, I had a small triumph when the client went on vacation and couldn’t come in on her preferred date. When she arrived at her next appointment, she told me, ‘You were right, this timing worked out fine.’ “

Advice for new electrologists?

“Invest time and money in a going to an electrology school that will give you a strong foundation. Even if you practice in a non-licensed state, the experience you receive at an in-person school is invaluable.”

Next to the epilator, the quality of the probes you choose is the next most important thing. When I was training at EINE, I was fortunate to get experience using multiple brands of probes. But to this day, Ballet is my ‘one and only’! My go-to Ballet probes are in the Insulated line because I love the way the heat is focused on the base of the follicle while protecting the upper layer of skin.

I find Ballet probes to be the top of the line- the “Cadillac of all probes”. I love their quality, ease of use, reliability, and how easy it is to get them into the probe holder. Customer service is a big deal, and their customer service is terrific. When business changed during the pandemic, I was glad to know that I didn’t have to stress about my probe inventory: I could quickly receive new probes when my business opened up, and I could return expired probes if I was unable to use them before a forced business closure.”

On giving back

Ms. Meggs regularly attends and participates in conferences to enhance her education and grow with other experienced professionals. When asked why she chooses to fit volunteer work into her busy schedule, she reflects, “Volunteering is rewarding to me: nonprofit organizations wouldn’t exist without volunteers, and I want to be a part of that. It’s important to do your part, and the key is to find your niche- do the thing that you look forward to doing, not a job that you’ll dread! When you do get involved, find a place where you can work with people you find to be compatible and get along with. If you don’t enjoy being with your collaborators, you won’t enjoy volunteering. For me, I prefer a behind-the-scenes role so that I can work on when my schedule allows. I’m the Journal Editor for the American Electrology Association’s biennial Journal of Electrology, and that’s been perfect for me. I’ve recently been asked to take a more public role, introducing speakers and working the AEA booth during a recent convention, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy those roles, too.”

Life outside work

“When I am not active in my practice, I can be found outdoors with my husband Kenny and our sweet ‘fur babies’ or indoors taking it easy. In summer 2021, Kenny shared his love of golf with me, and ever since we spend most of our free time at the range or on the course.

“I try my best to seek God daily and feel that it is with I give all glory to God for making all possible from lining up the right people and resources at the right time, and for the professional journey He let me experience as each one has come together throughout owning and operating my business.”

Image of Bridgett Meggs in her office

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