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Ballet H4 Needle

To learn more about the Ballet H4 Needle, visit our "About Ballet Needles" page under the Education Resources tab, and click on H4 Stainless.

Hey everyone, my name is Sara Paisner with Synoptic Products and Ballet. Many of you have started hearing about the H4 ballet needle. The H4 needle comes in a box that looks like this, it comes with five needles per sheet, with six sheets to a box, so there's 30 needles in a package. The big question is, what's the difference between the H4 needles and the F or k-shank needles? Fundamentally the H4 needle was developed for electro surgical machines used by dermatologists. It is an electrolysis needle that fits into the standard electro-surgical needle holders and fits all Electro-surgical machines. The needle itself looks a little bit different.

The shaft as you can see here is quite a bit larger, that is because the electrosurgical machines have a slightly larger opening on their needle holders, on their hand pieces, and then the needle too seems shorter than on a standard electrolysis needle. That is simply an artifact of how it's manufactured, the very tip is the exact same as all ballet needles, perfectly shaped for perfect insertions. If you have any further questions about the H4 needle feel free to reach out to us. You can find more information on our website, on our social media at synoptic products, and of course you can always use old-fashioned telephones and give us a call, we're always here and we're happy to talk to you the number is 919 -908-0278

We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for watching!

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