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Important Information About Ballet Insulated Probe Supply Chain Disruption

At Synoptic Products, we're committed to providing you with the Ballet Probes you need for electrolysis. We want to make you aware of the reduced availability of Ballet Insulated Needle/Probes.

Currently, we are advised that no new inventory of Insulated Ballet Electrolysis Probes will be available for purchase from Ballet until at least Fall 2024. As the supplier of all Ballet Insulated Probes in the US and Canada, this affects all of our distributors and all electrologists in North America. Please note that this disruption is global and is affecting all distributors of Ballet Insulated probes worldwide. 

Understanding the Current Situation

As many of you are aware, the global supply chain has experienced significant disruptions, impacting the availability of many products. Unfortunately, these disruptions are now affecting Ballet Insulated Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needles/Probes. While we understand this can be frustrating, this disruption stems from complex factors beyond our control, and we want to be transparent with our valued clients. 

Transparency and Communication
Unfortunately, Synoptic Products can't directly impact the broader supply chain or expedite production at the manufacturing level; however, we are closely monitoring the situation with Ballet. We value your trust and will continue to keep you informed through our website and social media channels.

Expect Limited Availability of Ballet Insulated Needle/ Probes
Ballet Insulated probes stock in North America (and globally) will be severely limited until Ballet is able to address this supply chain disruption and replenish their inventory.

Finding Alternative Solutions: There are some alternative solutions that may help you navigate this situation.

There are alternatives to your favorite Ballet Insulated Needles:

  • For F2 Insulated: We have a limited supply of F2 Insulated SHORT Needle/Probes (F2I-SH) that can be used to temporarily replace the F2I needles see YouTube video on Short Ballet Needles 
  • For F3I - F6I: We recommend the Ballet F3G - F6G Gold Probes see our article on Ballet Gold Probes
  • Check Back for Updates: We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on the availability of Ballet Insulated Probes as soon as we have them.

Thank You for Your Patience
We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this situation together. We're committed to your success and will keep you informed as things progress. In the meantime, feel free contact our team with any questions. We are working closely with Ballet to resolve this situation.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Sara Paisner, President

Synoptic Products

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